What is Moxie?

At l.o.l health & fitness studio, we provide an array of classes for all ages and physical abilities.  One such class is Moxie. Our Moxie classes are geared towards the active adult or beginner exerciser who is ready to put the pep back in their step. This class is also safe for pre-natal, post-natal and those recovering from injury or surgery.  The non-impact strength training provided focuses on exercises that will enhance daily life.

Moxie currently meets every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:15.

Monday’s class is low impact boxing combinations set to fun music. Total body movement and toning without straining your joints. Bring shoes!

Tuesday’s class is low impact barre movements as well as balance work. Come prepared to tone and tighten. No shoes needed for class, grippy socks are recommended.

Wednesday’s class is low impact strength training, flexibility/ range-of-motion exercises followed by therapeutic foam rolling to end the set.  No shoes needed for class, grippy socks are recommended.

If you or someone you know is thinking of giving Moxie a try, please do!  We think you will like it!