I was almost born, but definitely raised, in Goshen, Indiana. I graduated from Goshen high school in 1996 and Butler University in 2001. After graduating with a degree in elementary education and working in the field for a few years I decided that it just wasn’t the fit I was looking for. When I admitted my doubts to my adviser he told me that I did indeed have a teacher’s heart, but I just had to find what it was I was passionate about teaching. Exercise and body mechanics had always been topics I studied in my off time. Playing sports and conditioning for fun had been my favorite pastimes throughout my school years and beyond. It wasn’t until I received my ACE Personal Training certification and put teaching and fitness together that I realized my true passion. Like many women, I have spent many of teenage and adult years struggling with issues of body image. There were many years when I used fitness to punish my body instead of heal it. It is still a daily balancing act. One of my foremost goals as a teacher, trainer, and woman is to help other women make peace with their bodies. The strength of community and emotional connection is equally important as the strength in your muscles. My other goal is to make fitness fun! Whether in class or on my own music is always my inspiration and motivation. It’s what keeps me going when I want to quit!When I am not teaching a class or training a client I can be found enjoying the company of my two great kids, Boden and Pippin, expanding my massage therapy practice at Embody Massage, and decompressing with my wonderful husband, Jeremy. And I end every day with a good book.

Favorite workout song

So many! Basically, if I hear it and it makes me want to move, then I start choreographing in my head. I like a driving beat and some bass; unless you are going to make me hold a plank and then I need good lyrics to keep my mind going.

What hobbies/interests do you have?

Reading has always been my favorite hobby. Just like with music, the books I choose vary according to my needs at the moment! I also love redecorating or repurposing things in my house or wardrobe. I love vintage hats, but don’t often have occasion for felted and feathered headwear so I just look longingly at them in my closet.

What makes you happy?

Family and friends, any beach, a great book or movie, the woods, thunderstorms, snuggling with my sleeping kids, treasure hunting at antique malls, interesting people, new ideas, free time, making someone smile.

What one word describes you best?


What is your greatest accomplishment?

Learning to speak my mind, even when my voice shakes.

Why did you get into fitness?

It feels good! I am a much better person when I am active. I think clearer, accomplish more, connect with people, don’t question my abilities as much, and let go of my perfectionist tendencies. Its so easy for me to live in my head. Teaching and working out bring me back into my body.