Favorite workout song

“Trumpets” by Jason Derulo

What hobbies/interests do you have?

Refinishing furniture, crafting, reading, spending time with friends and family, educating myself on natural approaches to health and wellness.

What makes you happy?

My family.

What one word describes you best?


What is your greatest accomplishment?

Our sons and the life that my husband and I have built together.

Why did you get into fitness?

Being “fit” or an athlete was never something that I had ever considered for myself. I felt awkward and weak. Until one day I went to l.o.l. There is something almost electric in the air at the studio. I found myself loving every class that I tried and Maija & Jami had a way of pushing me to the next level every time without being overbearing. I went from criticizing my body and the way it looked to loving my body for the new strength it possessed and the things it could do that it had never done before. They helped me find a side of myself that I never even knew existed. Discovering my love of fitness has been a true gift. I hope to help other women find their own personal love of fitness in the same way.