Power Barre
(All Levels)
In 45 minutes you will get a total body workout using body weight, light hand weights, a ballet barre, fitness balls, and bands. Emphasizing muscle strength and endurance, this workout challenges your muscles to exhaustion and then rewards them with muscle elongation stretches. Some classes may include low impact cardio, but can be modified to no-impact as well. This class does not require any previous ballet barre experience.

(All Levels)
Choreographed kickboxing combinations on the heavy bag mixed with dance set to fun upbeat music. You do not need to know how to kickbox or dance to enjoy this class!

Core Training
(All Levels)
Core training is a Pilates-based, non-aerobic workout focused on strengthening the abdominals, hips, and lower back, also known as your core.
Core Training is an intense strengthening workout, but modifications are available for all fitness levels.

(All Levels)
Learn the basics of kickboxing, how to punch and kick on a heavy bag, and get a great calorie burning workout. Each class is different and incorporates strength training and cardio exercises on and off the bag.

Turbo Kick
(All Levels)
A sweaty, fat-burning class that combines kickboxing moves and simple dance moves to fun, energetic music.

For the active adult or beginner exerciser who is ready to put the pep back in your step. Non-impact strength training that will focus on exercises that will enhance your daily life. Safe for pre-natal as well.

Mobility & Stability
(All Levels)

(All Levels)
PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. A low impact workout. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

Core De Force
(All Levels)
This MMA inspired-total body workout uses core conditioning combinations, body weight moves, and cardio spikes to harness the power of the core. No equipment needed.

Cardio Drumming
(All Levels)
Cardio Drumming is FUN, rhythm-based full body cardio workout with modifications for lower and higher impact movements. Great for beginners to season experts! A truly accessible class, this can be done standing, seated or from a wheelchair.




Walk-ins: $10

Punch Card (5 classes): $40

Punch Card (10 classes): $75

1 month unlimited classes: $85 Please note not all classes are offered in every session. See current schedule for details.