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What is Moxie?


What is Moxie?

At l.o.l health & fitness studio, we provide an array of classes for all ages and physical abilities.  One such class is Moxie. Our Moxie classes are geared towards the active adult or beginner exerciser who is ready to put the pep back in their step. This class is also safe for pre-natal, post-natal and [...] Read More


Mom’s …We’ll spot you!

For those moms with young children, finding the time to work out can be hard to do. Here at l.o.l health and fitness studio, we understand how hard it can be, which is why we offer Kids Play every Monday at 9:15am and 5:45 pm. Kids play is a class designed for children ages 2-6 [...] Read More


Good things at Maple City Market

Have you checked out Maple City Market yet?  If not, it’s a “go to” place for all of the instructors here at l.o.l health and fitness when we are looking for something healthy and satisfying. We believe in supporting other local downtown businesses, and Maple City Market is just around the corner from the studio, [...] Read More



I was a reluctant first time kombucha drinker. I had heard that it was great for my digestive health so I grabbed a bottle at Whole Foods and gave it a try. I remember being a bit afraid to try it as there were things floating in it and it smelled a little ‘off’ after [...] Read More


Boutique Gym in Downtown Goshen

If you lived in a large city, you would most likely hear the words “boutique gym” roll off of the tongue of many health enthusiasts that you would encounter as it is the latest fitness craze all over the country. But living in Goshen or the surrounding area, there is a good chance that these [...] Read More


Healthy Living

Know Better, Do Better! This is my little mantra for my life as a woman, a wife, a mama, a girlfriend, a fitness instructor, a soon-to-be-official health and wellness coach… amongst many other roles. It’s simple and so forgiving. Know better, do better can be applied to our nutrition, our fitness, the products we use [...] Read More


Class cancellation

So the raccoons got to the roof above our barre room and we found out today we have a leak.  We slogged through our 9:15am class, but need to cancel the 5:45 pm today to work on fixing it. Dang raccoons!!

Class cancellation

Since 80% of the class is out of town this week and the other 20% volunteered to sleep in, there will be no 5:45am Kickboxing tomorrow.