If you lived in a large city, you would most likely hear the words “boutique gym” roll off of the tongue of many health enthusiasts that you would encounter as it is the latest fitness craze all over the country. But living in Goshen or the surrounding area, there is a good chance that these are words you have never heard before, or at least not said together. Fortunately for us, LOL Health and Fitness Studio is ahead of the times for our area and has brought large city fitness in the form of a boutique gym to downtown Goshen.

So what can you expect from a boutique gym?

-Expert instructors

-Small class sizes

-High end facilities

-Sense of community



Expert Instructors:

While mainstream gyms are typically large facilities that are one size fits all to their members, boutique gyms tend to be the opposite; focusing on a select area of fitness. You could liken a boutique gym to a boutique fashion store, where the classes they provide are driven by the latest trends in the fitness world. This fitness by trend allows owners of boutique gyms to keep their class material fresh and interesting. Wanting to bring the best of the best, fitness instructors at boutique gyms become certified or take continuing education in the latest styles and methods of fitness.

Small Class Sizes & Sense of Community:

Boutique gyms, like LOL, are usually smaller and more intimate than their mainstream counterparts. Rather than feeling like just one of the masses at a traditional gym, members of boutique gyms are usually apt to feel part of a community and not so anonymous.

At LOL, class sizes are smaller, which allows the instructors to get to know their members better. Close relationships with their members enables the instructors to recommend different variations to moves for those who may have existing injuries or a previous health issue and also allows them to know the participant’s limits – encouraging them to push beyond their norm and exceed their own expectation for health and fitness. Smaller class sizes also tend to foster a friendlier, more community-like atmosphere than is the case in a large anonymous group.

High End Facilities:

Take one step in the Bubble and enter LOL’s doors and you will see exactly what is meant by high end facilities. You will see no depressingly blank walls or prison-like interiors. Instead, you will find relaxing hues of light turquoise, coral and white…it’s like they’ve whisked you off to a vacation retreat. When you enter through those doors you can almost hear an audible sigh …there is just something about the environment there that is both calming and empowering at the same time. The facilities are modern and appealing to the eye. It’s a space that you actually WANT to spend time in.


Because they are bringing their members the latest in fitness and tailoring programs to more of what members want, working out is fun! Members get to try classes and moves that they cannot find anywhere else. Many will find that for the first time, they are actually enjoying working out, rather than considering it a chore.

“We wanted to make fitness fun, while encouraging women to push themselves farther than they have ever pushed themselves before. And we do this in an environment where women of all shapes and sizes are loved and accepted for who they are. We are about encouraging each other, not comparing to one another.” Jami and Maija

Interested in seeing for yourself what the boutique gym buzz is all about? You can check out LOL’s class schedule on Mind Body or at www.lolhealthandfitness.com