Last minute!

Sorry ladies, have to cancel tomorrow’s 5:45 am TurboKick.  Instructor has a last minute conflict.

Early Birds!

Hey, all you Early Birds! You now have more to pick from in the wee hours.   Monday kicks off with our new instructor, Arica, doing TurboKick.  Tuesday we work your Core,  Wednesday we Kickbox,  and Thursday it’s PowerBarre.  Friday we now have Short, But Not So Sweet, which is 30 minutes of intense cardio and strength training that will fire up your metabolism but get you out the door fast.   I usually like to add some additional foam rolling time at the end to start your weekend off right, but I understand if you need to leave too!

Don’t forget Monday starts at 5:30am, all the rest start at 5:45am.

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!

Spring Break Schedule

Don’t forget our modified spring break schedule begins tomorrow.   To finish out this week we have Beatbox at 5pm Friday, the 4th and HIIT it Saturday April 5th at 8:30am.   Next week will be evening classes only.   Check out Facebook, the website or Mindbody schedule page for full the schedule next week.   Have a wonderful Spring Break! Try to stay active, but remember rest IS part of a healthy life too. ;)

Spring break April 7th-12th

Next week is spring break so make sure to check out our modified schedule and see what classes you can fit in!

Mind Body Registration

Hey everyone!  Don’t forget you have until March 31st to register your contact information on Mind Body (click the Mind Body tab at the top of this site) to be qualified to earn $5 in Embody massage bucks!  That’s right…everyone who enters their information (or verifys their info if they are already in the system) will be able to receive $5 in Embody massage bucks!  Embody bucks can be picked up from LOL the first week of April!

Last minute

So sorry all! Beatbox tonight has to be cancelled, Maggie had an unavoidable school conflict come up.

Schedule Change

There will be no 9:15am class today due to bad weather.   As of now, afternoon classes are still on.   Stay tuned for changes.   We are going to see how the day goes.  Be careful out there, the roads are very bad this morning!

Class cancellation

There will be no 9:15am PowerBarre or Kids Movement today due to school delays.  If we could clone ourselves and be in two places at once that would be grand, but… :)

This week

Hey guys! I’m going out of town for most of this week but Maija and Maggie will be here to hold down the fort. Make sure to check the schedule because a few classes have been canceled. Thanks for being so awesome! -Jami

Class Cancellation

No Core Training at 9:15am today due to weather delays.